applewood...sing it with me

If there's one neighborhood west of Denver that has the best of both worlds, it's Applewood. The foothills, downtown Golden, hiking the Table Mountains are all right there, but downtown Denver is only 15 minutes away.

The lots in Applewood are larger than you'll find in most of the Denver area. And the homes are anything but cookie-cutter. Put it all together and you have a great place to live, with some personality, in a fantastic location. If you want to get to Denver while leaving your car in the garage, you have options. A bike lane runs east on 29th Ave, busses take 26th, 32nd, 38th and 44th, and you can head down to the W line to take the light rail.

All told, Applewood is worth singing about.


Deer and elk like it in willowworld, too

If elk and deer can get along, we humans surely can, too. Here's a highlight from a happy Monday evening in Willowbrook.

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yes, a monkey used to live in downtown golden. 

In my original video exploring places to shop, eat and drink in Downtown Golden, I mentioned a monkey. Yes, the Golden monkey was real, and here's proof.

Bobbie Jo owns Into the Mystic Healing and Arts, which is located in the Downtown Golden house that used to be the monkey's home. She was nice enough to show us the Monkey Room and share some stories.

And, yes, you heard Bobbie Jo correctly...the monkey lived there for 45 years.


Two neighborhoods west of denver you need to know

Willow Springs and Willowbrook are two fantastic neighborhoods in Morrison. They might be the best-kept secret in the entire Denver real estate market.

Located just behind the Hogback -- west of C-470 and south of Hwy 285 -- living in Willow Springs and Willowbrook feels like you're tucked in the foothills, but downtown Denver is only 25 minutes away. Grocery stores and all of the other necessities are plenty close, but once you drive back into Willoworld you feel a world away.

Red Rocks Country Club is in the valley, too, and many Willowians utilize the clubhouse and pool as a community gathering place.

The housing options here start in the upper $400s for a townhouse, all the way up to $1.8 million estates with views of the Denver skyline. The first houses were built in the late 1970s, and they're still building new homes in the Montane and Lyons Ridge areas.

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Why should you live west of denver?
Switchback smokehouse. That's why.

Switchback Smokehouse in Kittredge is my favorite spot in the foothills. The fact that it's all of a 17 minute, beautiful drive from my house is another reason why I love living west of Denver.

The vibe is friendly and laid back -- like you're hanging at a friend's house who just happens to smoke meats and cook like a boss. If you're going, and you should, the earlier the better. They do sell out.

(Speaking of smoke, make sure you watch through to the end.)

Golden Sure Has Changed

Wait...Where am I?

Just for fun.


check out golden moon speakeasy in Downtown golden


Finding more fun places to go in downtown Golden. Golden Moon Speakeasy is a cool little tasting room for Golden Moon Distillery. They make great cocktails with their own spirits and have live music that fits the mood. By the way, they serve food, too

I share another painful childhood memory at the end. So you have that going for you. Which is nice.

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West of Denver Mines Downtown Golden

Picking which shops, breweries or restaurants to highlight in Downtown Golden has become a serious challenge. This video barely scratches the surface of things to do in Golden, which has become a big reason to love living west of Denver.

Since there are way too many cool places in Golden to include in this video, I'll be making some short ones to tell you about some of my favorites. Come back and check them out.

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Golden's Evolution and Personal Oversharing

If you haven't walked around downtown Golden in the last few years, you need to go back. It still feels like Golden, but there are so many more restaurant and shopping options.

All of it makes Golden a bit of a magnet for people living west of Denver. It's not just Golden's gathering place anymore.
The last bit is true. Sadly.

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