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Dave Christie, Realtor + Musician = REALMUSITORSICIAN

Thanks for coming to my front door to Denver real estate. Wanna look at some houses? Please allow me to show you around. That long rectangle you see at the top of the page -- directly north of my proud, remaining strands of hair -- is magical. Want to stay in the city? Type in "Denver" and search. (Don't worry, the next page has plenty of filters to refine your search.) Looking for a neighborhood with a mountain feel, but still within easy distance of downtown? Try "Genesee" or "Willow Springs." If you're an overachiever and already have the address, type it in. 

Once you get your search dialed in, save it with the "Save Search" link and you'll receive emails with new listings. You can select how often that is, from "Monthly" for the super low-key browsers to "Immediately" for the truly obsessed. (Don't judge. In this tight market, time is of the essence.)

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If you have any questions about a particular property, neighborhoods you're exploring, or the state of the market as a whole, or if you see a house you like and want to take a look, that's why I'm here. It's my special purpose. Feel free to call or text me at 303.898.3637 or send me an email.

Ok, go get your search on.

"Dave got us into a home in the neighborhood of our choice, under asking price, and helped get us past some sticky inspection issues. He was always responsive and gave us honest opinions and reality checks when we needed them. His relationships helped get us to closing, including a great inspector  and mortgage broker recommendation. We wouldn't have been able to buy this house without Dave's expertise and dedication."